Streaming Films

Streaming Films

Step 1.Membership details

You'll need your library membership number (located on your library card) and password. Forgot your password?

If you're not already a member, you can join the library either online or in person. 

Step 2.Download an app or install software

First you will need to download an app to your device or install software on your computer.

Click on the platform names below to see instructions for how to download them.

Streaming your favourite documentaries and indie features... Beamafilm is Australia’s premium movie streaming channel for true stories and independent voices, featuring a carefully curated and unique collection of over 800 award-winning documentaries, independent features and festival favourites to delight, inspire and entertain you.

To log in: use your library membership number and click on 'Verify'   

Visit Beamafilm to access this fantastic service and start streaming today