Policies and plans

Our Vision

Our libraries, museum, and gallery inspire learning, sharing, creativity and inclusion, and are a cornerstone for our community’s economic, social and cultural well-being.

Our Mission

We bring people together:
  • By inspiring and supporting lifelong-learning, literacy, creativity and cultural expression;
  • To find, share and create knowledge; 
  • By recognising, preserving and sharing our diverse histories and stories; and
  • By providing welcoming public spaces accessible to all.

Our Strategy

Library, Museum and Gallery Strategy 2020 - 2023(PDF, 5MB)  

Our Policies

Library Collection Development Policy
Library Operations Policy 
What to expect at the Library
Ratings and Reviews Guidelines for the Library Catalogue 
Reciprocal Membership Agreement NSW 
Volunteer Policy

Other related documents

ALIA (Australian Library and Information Association) Policies, standards and guidelines