Mobile Printing

Please wait until you are at the Library before using mobile printing!

  1. Save or download your file onto your device and note its location.

  2. Go to Coffs Harbour Libraries' My Print Center website.

  3. Log in as follows...
    • Library members: Log in using your library card number and password.
    • Visitors: Ask staff for a Guest Pass. Login with these details.
  4. Click the [Upload] button to browse to your document.

  5. Upload each document by either double-clicking it, or by selecting it and then clicking the [Open] button.
    • Note: Only 1 document can be uploaded at a time.
  6. Wait for the red "Processing..." status to clear. If it doesn't clear or if you experience any other issues, click the [Refresh] button.

  7. Tick the box beside each document(s) to select them.
    • Note: If you have uploaded multiple documents, then they can all be ticked & printed simultaneously.
  8. In the “Print options:" area choose Color or Black & White, Single Sided or Double Sided, and the # of Copies.
    • Note: Leave the "Pages per side:" setting on [1] unless you want multiple pages printed on each sheet.
  9. Under Destination: choose which printer to send the document(s) to.
    • Note: Choose carefully, all 4 printers across all the 3 library branches are listed here!

    10. Please only complete this step once you are at the Library: Click the [Print] button to send the documents to the selected printer.

    11. Your document(s) will be released to the selected printer as follows...

    Library members:

    • If you have funds on your account: your documents will instantly print from the printer you selected automatically.
    • If you don't have funds on your account, you will either need to add sufficient balance onto your library card prior to printing, or you can ask Library staff to instead release your documents from the queue and then pay the total balance afterwards.


    • Ask staff to release the documents for you. Staff will then let you know the total cost of the printing.
    • Ignore the red error message "You have insufficient available funds to release this document."