Reciprocal membership agreement

 NSW Reciprocal Membership Agreement Between Local Public Libraries In NSW

  • That reciprocal members register in the ordinary way in their home library in their own Local Government Area (LGA).
  • That the membership card of the home library may be required at the host library. The member is then registered in the manner determined by the host library, including signing any relevant undertakings required by the host library.
  • That the host library keeps the records normal to the circulation system in force.
  • That the host library in the case of overdue, lost or damaged library materials, will initiate normal recovery procedures. However, if the materials are not returned to the library within two months the home library is to be notified and asked to assist with recovery.
  • In the event of non-recovery of the materials, the host and home libraries agree to negotiate the amount and method of compensation.


  • Home Library: library in which membership is held because the member is a ratepayer, resident or attends an educational institution or works in the area.
  • Host Library: any other NSW public library.