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Copyright and Reproduction

Picture Coffs Harbour 

Images in Picture Coffs Harbour are provided for research purposes only and must not be reproduced without the prior permission of Coffs Harbour City Council.


Copyright protects ideas and information in all formats including written, visual and moving images, music and sound. It is a form of automatic legal protection given to the creators of artistic and literary works, including photographs.

Under the Copyright Act 1968, it may be necessary to obtain permission from a copyright owner for certain types of usages of material. You can obtain the most up to date advice about copyright from the Australian Copyright Council.

Reproduction restrictions

Unauthorised commercial publication or reproduction of images from Picture Coffs Harbour is specifically prohibited.

Although copyright may no longer subsist in rare and printed works, photographs etc., held in the Museum or Library, permission must still be sought from these services before reproducing them. Where images are still in copyright you must also request clearance from the copyright holder before you may reproduce it.

If you wish to copy, adapt, publish, distribute or commercialise any images from Picture Coffs Harbour you must complete the image order form and return to the Coffs Harbour Library or Coffs Harbour Regional Museum. Fees are applicable.


When using an image from Picture Coffs Harbour, users must attribute the source of the image. Examples are below:

  • General: Photograph courtesy of Picture Coffs Harbour;
  • Library: Photograph courtesy of Coffs Harbour City Library; or
  • Museum: Photograph courtesy of Coffs Harbour Regional Museum

Ordering Copies

For Personal Use:

You can print, copy or download a Picture Coffs Harbour image for private research or study purposes without asking for permission. This includes the use of an image in a school assignment. Please provide a citation acknowledging Picture Coffs Harbour on any image that you copy.

Digital Copies and Photo Prints of Images:

Coffs Harbour Regional Museum and Coffs Harbour City Library offer a digital copying service to clients requiring a higher quality image than can be obtained from the Picture Coffs Harbour online database. The Museum also offers a print service for these images. Supply of these copies is made upon the completion of an order form available below and following the receipt of payment.

Non-Private / Commercial Use:

Permission must be obtained to use Picture Coffs Harbour images for non-private or commercial purposes, additional charges may also apply. Contact the Museum or Library for more information.

Visit our Ordering Copies page for more information on this topic.

Portrait of Nellie and Alma Nelson on a beach, 1920s 

Photograph courtesy of Coffs Harbour Regional Museum (Ref: 07-0920)


Non-Displayed Photographs:

Due to copyright restrictions we can only display post-1955 pictures on the catalogue with the permission of the copyright holder. Therefore a number of these later photographs have a record description on the catalogue only, with no linked image. These pictures can only be viewed physically on-site at the Museum.