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Library Service Charter and Customer Code of Conduct

Library Service Charter

Library customers can expect:

  • Prompt, courteous and efficient service by approachable and non-judgmental staff.
  • A welcoming and safe environment.
  • Free and equal access to resources and services to all individuals and groups within the community, in accordance with the NSW Library Act 1939.
  • A range of library resources and services at each library tailored to the needs of each community.
  • Library information resources which are relevant and up-to-date.
  • Access to items from lending collections regardless of the branch at which the item is located.
  • Access to a range of information technologies, including public computers, the internet and electronic resources.
  • Access to staff with professional expertise and knowledge.
  • Provision of assistance to people who need adaptive technology and different media to enable them to use the full range of library services and facilities.
  • Confidentiality in accordance with the NSW privacy legislation.
  • To have suggestions and comments about the library service welcomed.

[From Section 3 of the Library Operations Policy]


Library Customer Code of Conduct

It is expected that library customers will observe the following requirements:

  • Treat fellow customers and library staff and volunteers with respect and courtesy (unsociable behaviour, including excessive noise, intoxication, harassing or threatening staff or customers, is not acceptable).
  • Behave in a manner, which does not disturb other people using the library nor has the potential to damage equipment, facilities or library resources.
  • Return library items on time, so that others may have a chance to borrow them.
  • Take care of the items you have borrowed, preventing damage or loss.
  • Pay for any fees or charges on library membership accounts.
  • Keep library membership cards in a secure place and not lend them to other people.
  • Use the library premises, computers, services or resources for legal and legitimate purposes only.
  • Seek prior agreement from the Library Manager to sell for profit, distribute leaflets, undertake surveys, circulate petitions or collect for charity within the library.
  • Supervise children in your care in the library.
  • Leave pets outside the library. Only assistance animals required by disabled persons are permitted on the premises.
  • Leave the library and follow staff instructions when requested at closing time and during emergency procedures.
  • Meet acceptable levels of personal hygiene or dress, in the interests of health and safety and the interests of other customers using library facilities.
  • Inform library staff promptly of any concerns relating to the behaviour of other customers.
  • Keep personal items with you at all times as the Library is not responsible for the security of personal belongings.
  • When using personal electronic devices only use power points provided for this purpose and ensure that power cords do not create a trip or other hazard.
  • Allow bags or property to be inspected by staff as requested when leaving the library.
  • Understand that library services, programs, activities and events limit our ability to always provide quiet spaces.

[From Section 4 of the Library Operations Policy]