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Technology Skills Online
The library has collated this list of useful online resources to help you learn the basics and…
  • Note: ‘Be connected’ resources are available in English, Arabic, Greek, Italian & Chinese
  • Note: Tech Savvy Seniors has the following resources in English, Hindi, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Dari, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Greek, Macedonian, Croatian and Italian
-          Introduction to computers
-          Introduction to email
-          Introduction to the internet
-          Introduction to Social Media
-          Introduction to tablets
  • Note: Tech Savvy Seniors offers a range of videos in Auslan

The basics

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Be Connected – Using a computer

30 minute course. Learn about the different parts of desktop computers and laptops. Read about how to turn the computer on and off, changing computer settings, using programs and files, and how to use the computer safely.

Be Connected – Using a keyboard

15 minute course. Learn how to use a computer keyboard to type text and numbers. Find out how to use the keyboard to navigate around the computer and perform simple tasks.

Go Digi – What are keyboard shortcuts

3 minute video. Learn about how to use keyboard shortcuts as an alternative to using the mouse.

Be Connected – Using a mouse

20 minute course. Learn how to hold, use, click, and scroll with a computer mouse.

Mobile devices


Be Connected – Using a touchscreen

20 minute course. Learn about how to use a touchscreen on a mobile phone or tablet. Find out how to perform basic and more advanced controls on your touchscreen, as well as reading about apps, notifications, and security options.

Go Digi – How do I get a mobile app? Part 1

15 minute guide to signing up for an app store account.

Go Digi – How do I get a mobile app? Part 2

15 minute guide to downloading and buying apps for your device.

Apple - Download apps and games using the app store

How to use the app store to find and get apps for your device.

Getting online & internet safety

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Getting connected


Go Digi – What types of internet connections are available

15 minute guide to the range of connection types available for home internet.

Go Digi – What do I need to connect to the internet

15 minute guide. Learn about the benefits an internet connection may provide you with, and what you will need to set up an internet connection.

Go Digi – How do I use free public internet?

15 minute guide to finding and accessing free public internet.

Online safety


Be Connected – Introduction to internet safety

25 minute course. Covers email safety, making credit card payments on the internet for online shopping, child safety and how to keep your personal data safe online.

Go Digi – Part 1. Safely using the internet

15 minute guide to issues around sharing your private information online, and what you can do to help keep your information safe.

Go Digi – Online threats

15 minute guide to malware and viruses and how you can help protect yourself against them on computers and mobiles.

Go Digi – How to keep safe online and protect your privacy

15 minute guide. Covers online resources that specialise in safety and security.

Go Digi – How to make a strong and memorable password

15 minute guide to how to and why you should create a strong password. Includes tips to make passwords memorable.

Be Connected – Safe Passwords

20 minute course. Learn to create and remember strong passwords and avoid common security mistakes.

Be Connected – Avoiding scams and tricks

15 minute course. Based on the latest information about scams from the ACCC’s Scamwatch and Little Black Book of Scams, simple steps to avoid phishing, unexpected money or money for nothing scams.

Be Connected – Help & support

15 minute course. How to get help and support if you suspect you may be involved in a scam, if your computer has a virus or if you think someone may have guessed your password.

Finding information online

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  Make sure you check out "Online safety"

Be Connected - Using search engines

20 minute course. Covers how to search for websites, using bookmarks and saving images and other files.

Go Digi - How to find health information online

15 minute guide to how to spot good health information for Australians from bad health information which can be untrue or advertising.

Go Digi - How to find information online in different languages

15 minute guide to finding information online in different languages. Also covers using an online translation tool, using YouTube with translated captions and accessing information in Wikipedia in other languages.

Go Digi - How to get started with Trove

15 minute guide to finding digital resources from libraries, museums, archives and universities across Australia using Trove from the National Library of Australia.

Go Digi - How to find and use free images

15 minute guide to creative commons images and how you can use them for free.

Go Digi - Access Government services online

15 minute guide to accessing many government services online, saving you time and money.

Be Connected – Downloading & saving documents

20 minute course. Looks at different types of document formats and which ones are the safest to download. Learn how to then store these documents on your computer or phone so you can find them easily in the future.

Connecting to others

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​  Make sure you check out "Online safety"



Tech Savvy Seniors - Introducing email

3 minute video outlining what email is. Directed at Seniors who have had little exposure to digital communication.

Be Connected - Using email

30 minute course. Learn all about email accounts on the internet, how to set up an email account, as well as how to open, read and send emails safely.

Go Digi - How to create your own email address

30 minute course. Step by step guide to set up an email account with gmail.

Go Digi - How to link your email to your apple or android device

15 minute guide.  How to link your existing email to the default email application on your smartphone or tablet. Instructions for both Apple and Android devices.

Apple – Set up an email account on your iPad

Detailed instructions from Apple website about setting up email account on your device.

Apple – Mail Support

All the topics, resources, and contact options you need for the Mail app on your iOs device.

Yahoo7 mail -  Help

Range of help topics for desktop, iOs or Android mail apps. Searchable.

Gmail - Help Center

Help sorted by topic. Searchable by problem. Users can post a question on Gmail Help Forum.

Outlook - Help center

Help sorted by topic. Live chat option.

Social Media


Be Connected - Socialising online

15 minute course.  Learn about popular social media platforms, what they look like and what they can offer. Also covers safety and privacy.

Go Digi - How to get started with social media

15 minute guide to social media platforms including which platform should I use?

Go Digi - How to protect your privacy on social media

15 guide with tips for protecting your privacy online, adjusting privacy settings and location services.

Tech Savvy Seniors – Social Networks & Secuity

A selection of short videos on What is Facebook and what does it do?, Creating an account, How do I connect?, Tips & tricks, Can I trust the internet?

Be Connected - Using facebook overview

30 minute online course. Learn about setting up an account and keeping it safe, creating your profile, finding friends & family and posting messages and photos.

Facebook – Help Centre

Frequently asked questions, popular topics, Help community.



Go Digi – What is Skype?

15 minute guide to Skype, what is it and why would I use it?

Be Connected – Getting set up for video calling

20 minute course. Overview of video calling and equipment required.

Be Connected – How to use Skype

15 minute course. How to set up and use Skype.

Be Connected – How to use WhatsApp

15 minute course. Learn how to use WhatsApp to message and make video calls for free and how this may affect your data usage.

Be Connected – How to use Facetime

15 minute course. Learn how to use FaceTime - a service only offered on Apple devices - to video call to the other side of the road, or world, for free.

Do more online

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Be connected - Using online forms

20 minute online course. Learn what an online form is and how to complete one.

Go Digi - Paying bills online

15 minute guide to paying bills online through your own internet banking and through a company website.

Go Digi - Plan and book travel online

15 minute guide to researching destinations, book flights and accommodation and create travel itineraries.

Go Digi - How to create a MyGov account

10 minute guide to creating a MyGov account to access government services online.

Go Digi - How to use MyTax

15 minute guide on how to use myTax to lodge your Australian tax returns.

Online shopping


Be Connected - Online shopping overview

25 minute course. Covers how you can use the internet to compare prices, your rights when buying online and secure payment methods you can use when shopping online.

Go Digi - How to use Gumtree to sell & buy

15 minute guide to using Gumtree to sell and buy online.

Go Digi - Paying bills online

15 minute guide to paying bills online through your own internet banking and through a company website.

Go Digi - Plan and book travel online

15 minute guide to researching destinations, book flights and accommodation and create travel itineraries.

Go Digi – Part 2: Banking & shopping safely online

15 minute guide to the risks associated with banking online, and steps you can take to bank online safely.

Be Connected – Paying safely online

15 minute course. Compares the different ways you can pay online and what to do with faulty goods purchased online, or with goods that don't arrive.



Be Connected - Watching and listening online

25 minute course. Learn how to watch TV online and access catch-up services like ABC iView, SBS on Demand and Freeview. The course will also teach you how to access the radio online and use music services to listen to your songs whenever you like.

Go Digi - How to watch videos with youtube

15 minute guide to watching videos online using the online video sharing platform YouTube.

Cloud storage


Go Digi - How to use Dropbox

15 minute guide to how to use Dropbox and what to use it for.

Go Digi - How to get started with Google Drive

15 minute guide to creating and using a Google Drive account for file storage and file sharing.

Apple support – iCloud Drive FAQ

Learn what you can do with iCloud Drive and how to use it on Windows, Mac or Apple mobile device.


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