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Technology Skills Online
Library offers a digital literacy program. You can register for face-to-face sessions or access useful resources listed on this page from home.
Please contact us to help you set up an account with BeConnected learning site to be part of this program.
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Useful Resources
The library has collated this list of useful online resources to help you learn digital literacy skills.

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Computer basics

Be Connected – Using a computer

Be Connected – Using a keyboard

Go Digi             – What are keyboard shortcuts

Be Connected – Using a mouse


     ​Mobile devices-iPad.jpg


Mobile devices

Be Connected – Using a touchscreen

Go Digi             – How do I get a mobile app? Part 1

Go Digi             – How do I get a mobile app? Part 2

Apple                – Download apps and games using the app store

​   ​ ​internet-world.jpg


Getting online 

Go Digi         – What types of internet connections are available

Go Digi         – What do I need to connect to the internet

Go Digi         – How do I use free public internet?

​ ​





Online safety 

Be Connected - Introduction to internet safety

Go Digi             - Safely using the internet

Go Digi             - Online threats

Go Digi             - Stay safe online and protect your privacy

Go Digi             - How to make a strong and memorable password

Be Connected - Safe Passwords

Be Connected - Avoiding scams and tricks

Be Connected - Help & support

​eSmart               - Cyber and Digital literacy Resources​

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​ ​     ​ ​ ​

      search engines.png


Finding information online  

Be Connected - Using search engines

Go Digi             - How to find health information online

Go Digi             - Find information in different languages

Go Digi             - How to get started with Trove

Go Digi             - How to find and use free images

Go Digi             - Access Government services online

Be Connected - Downloading & saving documents

​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​  




Connecting to others  

Tech Savvy Seniors - Introducing email

Be Connected - Using email

Go Digi             - How to create your own email address

Go Digi             - How to link your email to your device

Apple               - Set up an email account on your iPad

Apple               - Mail Support

Yahoo7 mail   - Help

Gmail               - Help Center

Outlook           - Help center

​ ​    

    ​Social media.png


Social Media 

Be Connected - Socialising online

Go Digi             - How to get started with social media

Go Digi             - How to protect your privacy on social media

Tech Savvy Seniors – Social Networks & Secuity

Be Connected - Using facebook overview

Facebook        – Help Centre

​ ​ ​        ​ ​     Videocalling.jpg



Go Digi             – What is Skype?

Be Connected – Getting set up for video calling

Be Connected – How to use Skype

Be Connected – How to use WhatsApp

Be Connected – How to use Facetime

​ ​   ​ ​ 

    ​Online services.PNG


Bills and Bookings 

Be connected - Using online forms

Go Digi            - Paying bills online

Go Digi            - Plan and book travel online

Go Digi           - How to create a MyGov account

Go Digi           - How to use MyTax



Online shopping

Be Connected - Online shopping overview

Go Digi             - How to use Gumtree to sell & buy

Go Digi             - Paying bills online

Go Digi             - Part 2: Banking & shopping safely online

Be Connected - Paying safely online

​ ​video play icon.png



Be Connected - Watching and listening online

Go Digi             - How to watch videos with youtube

​Apple support   - Podcasts FAQ


      Photo-Camera.png  ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​


Photos and Videos

​Apple Support - Taking and managing Photos
​Apple Support - Taking and editing Videos
​Apple support - iMovie app
​Apple support - iCloud photo sharing
​BeConnected - Using a Digital Camera
​Go Digi            -  Photo editing


  ​ ​cloud-storage1.jpg


Cloud storage

Go Digi              - How to use Dropbox

Go Digi                 - How to get started with Google Drive

Apple support – iCloud Drive FAQ


   ​Online hobbies.PNG


Hobbies Online

BeConnected - Researching family history

​BeConnected    - Blogs - online journals

BeConnected - Exploring Google Earth


Be connected and Tech Savvy Seniors websites have resources available in several languages. 'Tech Savvy Seniors' website offers a range of videos in Auslan as well. 


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