Coffs Harbour Libraries celebrated Library Lovers Day 2017 by providing the opportunity to go on a blind date with a book.

How do you go on a blind date with a book? Simply pick up a book wrapped in brown paper from the display. The first page of the chapter 2 has been helpfully copied and pasted on the front and should give you some clue about the kind of book you might be choosing. The rest is a reading adventure! You never know, you may discover a favourite new author or series!





We asked you what your favourite 10 titles that you have read are and very soon we will let you know too!
From Library Lovers Day in February until Library and Information Week in May we're asking you what your top 10 reads are. We will gather all your responses together to create a 'Library Lovers Top 50' and all entries go in the drawer for some great prizes - including a tablet, cinema passes, and maybe even a bottle of wine and chocolates for those quiet reading evenings. The competition is open to all Library members and limited to one entry per person (please provide author and title).


Library Lovers Day is celebrated by Libraries across Australia on the 14th February each year. This is our 8th year of celebration.