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Get to know an iPad @ the library

Get to know an iPad at the library

What day?

02/08/2018 – 16/08/2018

What time?

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


Harry Bailey Memorial Library

What's it about?

​Struggling to keep up with all the latest technology? Not sure where to start?

Our 'Introduction to the iPad' workshops are the perfect first step.
If you have your own iPad and want to start at the beginning bring it along. If you don't, borrow one of ours for free to get a taste and learn some skills that will open up a whole new world of information, entertainment and tools.
Participants book in to a 3 week block with one two hour session per week:
Session 1 focuses on navigating the iPad. Learn to turn it on and off, understand sleep, silent and night modes and set up your home screen. Learn how to use the touch screen and what the different swiping gestures do.
In Session 2 we will get online via a wi-fi internet connection. Learn about Safari, Apple's internet browser and discover some helpful tips for finding the information you need online and evaluating the reliability of the information you find.
In Session 3 we will discover apps, programs designed specifically to run on an iPad device. We will connect to the app store, discover and download an app that will allow us to access online magazines and talking books from the library's collection straight on the iPad.

Who's it for?




Booking details

​To ensure participants get the support they need, numbers are strictly limited. Secure your place online by visiting or phone the library on 6648 4900.